Poppy was a happy man,
He worked the whole day long,
He’d smile and sing and whistle and hum a little song.
Brick and Tootz would follow him,
wherever he would go,
to dig some dirt or milk the cows or plant some seeds to grow.


Nana was happy, too,
She had a lot to do.
She’d potter in the garden and bake some cookies too.
The grandchildren would visit her at every chance they could,
They’d collect the eggs and feed the lambs and eat her yummy food.


The animals were happy too, they played the whole day long,
They’d tumble, roll and wrestle and have a lot of fun,
The hens would squawk, the pigs would grunt, the cows just loved to moo,
Poppy, Nana and the animals, they were a happy crew!