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About Poppy

Did you want to know more about Poppy?

Poppy lives in an Australian country town called Cumalong. He lives with Nana, who sometimes goes away to visit their grandchildren in the city.

They have a dog called Brick, a cat called Tootz and many other animals who live on their farm.

Poppy is a hardworking man who drives all kinds of wonderful and very big machines such as bulldozers, excavators, graders and tractors. He loves machines and when they break down, he fixes them.

Poppy starts work before the sun comes up and when he comes home he checks all the fences to make sure the animals stay in and then he tends to all his animal friends. They are always very excited to see Poppy – they squawk and grunt and moo with pleasure.

By the time Poppy has finished all his work for the day he is very tired and is glad to have his dinner and sit in his comfy chair.

Poppy enjoys his work and he is indeed a happy man!

Find out more about Poppy and his adventures in this exciting new series starting with “Poppy Tried to Sleep”.

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